Facetime Exhibitor Masterclass


Facetime Exhibitor Masterclass

  1. Get yourself signed in and grab a refreshment! 
  2. Emma Cartmell, Director of CHS group will give delegates an overview of the day and run through a bit of housekeeping.
  3. Imagine if you could turn your exhibition space into an exciting visitor experience. What creative tricks and techniques might you deploy?  What more can you do to attract, engage and then build long- ...
  4. Time for a quick break and some refreshments.
  5. In this session, John will cover fundamentals such as; the growing need for measurement as event marketing comes under increased scrutiny, the metrics that matter most to align with business outcomes, ...
  6. Cog Research used the latest Eye Tracking glasses to discover what gets visitors’ attention at events and how this can help exhibitors get the best out of the show. This session will cover:  •  Where ...
  7. Let the learnings of the day so far sink in over a nice lunch. This is a great opportunity to speak to some of the experts and build your network too.
  8. Why what you want is probably not what you need. Over the last 25 years, Charlie Le Rougetel has worked on countless PR campaigns for consumer events, trade shows, conferences and awards. She spills t ...
  9. The way your clients buy has turned on its head and what works in sales and marketing has irreversibly changed. What used to work, doesn’t anymore. The strongest performers are moving with the times t ...
  10. The chair will give an overview of key learnings from the day.
  11. Grab a drink and connect with other exhibitors. 





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