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Demystifying the data minefield

23 Nov 2018

For those organisations that saw 25th May as another Y2K event, the realisation that ongoing compliance is fundamental to the GDPR and its big sister, the UK Data Protection Act 2018 is at best an irritation and worst the stuff of nightmares. The ICO has been showing its teeth recently and no one wants to end up as their breakfast.

Who knew that so much paperwork would be involved… what is the difference between a privacy notice and privacy policy or an LIA and a DPIA anyway? Then there are those pesky data subjects who, the minute you make them cross, enact their ‘rights’ and send you into a tailspin of data discovery.

The event industry is no different to many in that it doesn’t really know what ‘compliance’ looks like, let alone have a line in the budget to account for it. This leaves you open to following advice that tells you what you want to hear rather than what you should be doing specifically in your own organisation. The pace at which this industry runs doesn’t give you much opportunity to understand the nuances of this very complex suite of legislation, and frankly it isn’t anywhere near as much fun as producing the events themselves.

But avoid the pitfalls you must, and this session is specifically designed to help you understand and avoid the biggest of them:

  • Are you a controller or a processor? It’s not as easy to define as you think.
  • Transfer, disclosure, sharing of data – what is the difference and what are the implications at an event
  • How to collect leads at an event – the do’s and don’ts of the on-stand fish bowl
  • What happens if a company is sold – plus ça change or status quo?
  • Why you should approach legitimate interest with caution.
Hellen Beveridge , Privacy Lead - Data Oversight





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