Facetime Exhibitor Masterclass



Keynote: The power of magnetism

01 Nov 2019

Imagine if you could turn your exhibition space into an exciting visitor experience. What creative tricks and techniques might you deploy?  What more can you do to attract, engage and then build long-term customer relationships? This fast-paced and inspirational talk will be packed with insights gleaned from many years in the marketing business and drawn from working with some of the World’s most revered brands – from Disney to South West Airlines.

Mike Stevenson brings a wealth of experience as a creative, a business owner and a motivational speaker. He will talk of turning information into inspiration, bringing services and products to vivid life and using your skills to make friends for life. From Beirut in Lebanon to Tirana in Albania you will hear of people and ideas that have changed Mike’s approach to business and will inspire your approach. This presentation will be packed with ideas you can put into practice immediately.





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