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I am 10 – Be more, do more, sell more.

23 Nov 2018

How to be more confident, more motivated and make more sales.

Do you struggle to make the sales you once made? Do you find connections harder to make? Is it harder to differentiate your products and services and sell on value and not on price? Do you find yourself working harder and harder to achieve the same results?

You are not alone. The world changed. Things got more complicated. What once worked, does not work anymore. Good enough is not good enough. If you want to succeed in today’s competitive markets you and your people need to be the best. You need to be a ‘10’.

Over the last two decades, Gavin has been sharing the ‘I am 10’ methodology to help people to stand out from their competition and deliver more than they thought possible – in sales, in business and in life. In this high-energy and interactive talk, packed full of proven techniques and real-world strategies, you will learn tools to be more motivated and more focussed, harness your potential, shrug off difficult markets, be more proactive and productive, win more profitable clients and make more sales in any economy and at any show.

Whether you want to help your teams be more focussed when at an exhibition, make more sales, or change your life, the ‘I am 10’ principles will give you some powerful ideas to put into practice right away.

Gavin Ingham, Motivational Speaker





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