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Gavin Ingham

Gavin Ingham

Motivational Speaker

Gavin Ingham is a motivational speaker and coach focused on helping business leaders to achieve more in their businesses and their lives. He has dedicated his life to understanding what differentiates peak performers from merely average ones and his passion is helping people to make quantum leaps in their results.

Gavin is the founder of the ‘I am 10’ success philosophy and has shared these principles to over 200,000 attendees at over 2000 conferences all around the world, helping them to get more clarity, more focus and, most importantly, tangible results. He is the author of three books and has appeared on The Brian Tracy TV Show on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. A Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management and a BESMA judge, he is committed to helping people to make quantum leaps in their sales, their businesses and their lives.

With clients from SMEs to multi-national organisations such as Microsoft, The Royal Bank of Canada, Renault Trucks and Jaguar, Gavin knows what it takes to help people to make changes. He understands the fears and obstacles that his clients face and in his natural story-telling style shows them how to achieve results, irrespective of external events such as competition, tough markets and personal circumstances.

Gavin’s fusion of real-life stories, take-home strategies and straight-talking (he is from Yorkshire after all) delivery connects with audiences, giving them both the mindset and the skills to make a difference in their businesses and their lives.








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